Experts Suggest Cycling For Health Benefits and Environment Protection

Experts Suggest Cycling For Health Benefits and Environment ProtectionA recent study has claimed that participants of bicycle sharing scheme are more likely to enjoy the health benefits, a recent study has claimed. During the study course, researchers at Barcelona's Centre for Research in Environmental Epidemiology have measured impact of the city's public bicycle sharing initiative, Bicing, introduced in March 2007.

To conclude the findings, experts have compared the number of deaths associated with bicycle journeys and car journeys and observed that there was an annual increase of 0.13 deaths, because of air pollution, and 0.03 % deaths, related to traffic accidents among cyclists than car users.

“Our work has shown that low-cost public bicycle sharing systems aimed at encouraging commuters to cycle are worth implementing in other cities, not only for the health benefits but also for potential co-benefits such as a reduction in air pollution and greenhouse gasses”, stated the study authors in the British Medical Journal.

The Transport for London has released a report suggesting more than 6,041,000 cycle hires since the launch of the Barclays Cycle Hire scheme with average weekday journey of 16 minutes.

In addition, Dr. James Woodcock from the UKCRC Centre for Diet and Activity Research has advised cycling to avail health benefits at cheaper cost.