Australian Women Drinking At High Rate than Men, Claims Study

Australian Women Drinking At High Rate than Men, Claims StudyIt’s no news that women are no more among the teetotalers, but the rate at which the women are drinking has caught the attention of Queensland psychologist and researcher Dr. Gavan Palk. After examining attitudes to drinking among women and men aged 18 to 25, it came to notice that though men are way ahead of women in terms of drinking, the rate at which women are gulping is worrisome.

The senior lecturer in psychology at Queensland University of Technology revealed that young Australian women’s inclination towards drinking has somewhat triggered an unwarranted aggression as being seen in men.

"There have been attempts to reduce the incidences of violence, but over the long term it seems the only thing that works to reduce alcohol-related violence is to reduce the number of drinking hours”, said Dr. Palk, who has been among the experts probing the social motivations behind the increase in drinking among young women.

Presence of a greater number of large-scale pubs and clubs in Australia could be among the major reasons triggering such behavior. After quizzing the women, the researcher got to know that women are of the opinion that they equally deserve to enjoy their life as men have been doing so far.