Ban on Cannabis Could Open the Doors of Its Black Marketing

Ban on Cannabis Could Open the Doors of Its Black MarketingUnited Future leader and Associate Minister for Health Peter Dunne, who is said to be the person to get synthetic cannabis banned under the Misuse of Drugs Amendment Bill, was himself into smoking the cannabis, when he was just 17.

He said it was not a big deal for him to leave the cannabis, and had never denied of the fact that he has smoked cannabis. He even mentioned, unlike Mr. Clinton, he has inhaled cannabis.

Talking about the ban, then it would remain active for 12 months, and retailers would get seven days, after they receive notice, to remove 43 products like Kronic from their shelves.

The news of smoking cannabis came in to lime light when Lansley was having online chat with the New Zealand Herald.

The artificial cannabis products could harm the health of the public, and could even lead to heart attack. But, consumers of the products said the ban would force them to buy such products from the black market.

Retailers feel the ban would push the legal highs to other markets, and consumers who are habituated of the drugs, would take them from other markets across New Zealand. Another option would be that retailers would sell only one drug of such kind, and when it gets banned, they would simply replace it.