British Man Gets Pacemaker Fitted At the Age of 106

British Man Gets Pacemaker Fitted At the Age of 106Leslie Dunn has entered to the list of the oldest people in the UK, to get a pacemaker. This 106-year-old great-grandfather of two, was preparing tea for his friends, in his flat and meanwhile he got unconscious and fell on the floor.

He was immediately taken to the Colchester General Hospital and after observing that his heart beat was too slow sometimes, doctors declared to his family that he needs to get a pacemaker.

Dr. Allan Harkness, the cardiologist, who performed the Dunn’s surgery, announced that he is aware of few patients who have got pacemaker at such an advanced age, and with the advancement in technology, age is no longer considered to be a barrier for the treatment. He even told about a patient who got pace maker fitted at the age of 107 in Scotland, and in their hospital, they are performing such surgeries since 2006, with the last oldest patient aged at 101 years.

Dunn got retired from the post of a major, from Coldstream Guards in 1956, underwent four hours surgery, and currently is in the effect of local anesthesia, and would return home by next week.

Dr. Harkness revealed that according to the Department for Work and Pensions report, by 2066, there will be half a million people aged 100 or more in Britain.