How Quick is Your Biological Timer Ticking?

Scientists have revealed about a new approach that can help women make out whether their biological timer is ticking in a jiffy.

They can even figure out if they are liable for a menopause beforehand and should not setback an attempt to conceive, or maybe their fertile life will end sometime later.

This is certainly the first time ever in the history of genetics and biological processes that has researchers have been able to illustrate how levels of a hormone, which can easily disclose how many eggs a woman has enduring, change right through the reproductive cycle of her life.

The discovery was credit to a team of Scottish researchers from St Andrews, Edinburgh and Glasgow.

The theory will now help women compare their own hormone levels with the average for their age to make out if there is any point to ponder for them regarding their future fertility.

This will also reveal whether they are possibilities for them to experience an early or later menopause, so that they identify if they have to try for a baby sooner more willingly than later.

Up and over, it will assist young women who have had treatment for issues like cancer, which may claim its stand in their fertility, to realize whether the levels of their hormones have been compromised.

To end with, it will help provide the level expected in a normal healthy woman.