Effects of Smoking After Waking Up From Sleep: Study

Effects of Smoking After Waking Up From Sleep: StudyThe researchers of the US revealed that smoking cigarettes early in the morning increase the chances of lung cancer. Dr. Joshua Muscat of Penn State College of Medicine commenced a study on the effect of early morning smoking on health of people.

Dr. Joshua Muscat and his team, from Penn State College of Medicine in the US, observed 4,776 smokers with lung cancer and 2,835 smokers without cancer. According to the study, people who smoked within first 30 minutes after waking up from sleep were at 1.79 time’s higher risk of lung and neck cancer. On the other hand, people who smoked their first cigarette of the day after 60 minutes of waking up were at a 1.31 times higher risk to the disease.

Another study observed 1,850 smokers, 1,055 suffering from head and neck cancers. The study revealed that people who smoked in the first 30 minutes were 59% more likely to have developed a tumor than those who waited at least an hour. Both the studies were published in the journal Cancer.

As per Dr. Joshua Muscar, lead researcher, "These smokers have higher levels of nicotine and possibly other tobacco toxins in their body, and they may be more addicted than smokers who refrain from smoking for a half hour or more”.