Melanoma Not Merely A Disease of the Young

Melanoma Not Merely A Disease of the YoungThere is a myth in the medical world that Melanoma Cancer is a disease for the young. Dismissing these myths, it has been recently reported that there are many cases of the same seen in people of age above 60 years. This new research has been conducted by the scientists at the University of Otago, Mary Jane Sneyd, was their leader.

She was of the view that it is wrongly thought that Melanoma is a young people’s disease. She further added that this type of cancer is dangerous as it can kill a person. It has been revealed according to the statistics from the year
2008 that those people diagnosed of this disease were from the age group above 60 years, contrary to the common belief of people.

"What we found is that in general, people are estimating their risk reasonably well on the basis of their phenotype, such as that if you are fair or red haired, and blue eyed you have a greater risk, and if you have dark hair, darker skin color and dark eyes you have a lower risk”, she says.

Protecting oneself from this type of cancer is possible if proper care of the skin is taken. Only the best of the skin products should be used, and also the skin should be kept sun safe.