Cabinet Office Plans Improve NHS’s IT under its Auspices

Cabinet Office Plans Improve NHS’s IT under its AuspicesAccording to reports, the Cabinet Office had taken the NHS under its auspices, right before the Parliament's public accounts committee reported the dismal progress of care records systems in secondary care.

Also, Katie Davis, an executive of the Cabinet Office Efficiency and Reform group, was promoted, to take over from Informatics Director General, Christine Connelly, who publicized her resignation from her post in June.

The Cabinet Office had also disclosed that the national programme was being probed by its Major Projects Authority, following the National Audit Office's 'scathing report' on care records in May, and the review is now completed.

However, taking direction from central government's IT team is said to be a demining novelty for the programme, as it was set up in 2002 with its own prime ministerial mandate, policies and was able to progress free of the rest of the public sector, and in cases like; wide-area networks, patient ID numbers as well as IT service contracts.

Moreover, the NHS in England is now required to comply with policies made by the Efficiency and Reform Group, along with the overall Government IT strategy, as published in March, and its measures involves; 'a presumption against projects costing more than £100m, mandatory use of open standards and sharing existing systems rather than procuring anew'.