Importer of Kronic Quits Import Business

Importer of Kronic Quits Import BusinessAccording to reports, Matt Bowden who is known to be the importer of kronic has announced neither him nor his company will import and manufacture synthetic cannabinoid products in future.

Also, this came as the Associate Health Minister Peter Dunne announced he has issued the first drug notice, imposing a ban on the products; right after the Parliament last week passed a bill amending the Misuse of Drugs Act.

Bowen stated: "That means fly-by-night products with short production runs, low safety standards and still no regulations. I don't want any part of that. I was heading in the opposite direction towards product screening, routine safety tests and restricted outlets".

However, the Associate Health Minister, Peter Dunne, who facilitated the Misuse of Drugs Amendment Bill passed by Parliament last week, today has issued a temporary notice, which will be effective in seven days. Hence, synthetic cannabis products, with Kronic will now be required to be taken off the shelves by Wednesday next week, as the first ban under the amended drug legislation was issued today.

Moreover, the 12-month notice is said to list 16 synthetic cannabinoids, as equivalent of 'Class C1 drugs', and this makes it illegal to manufacture, import, expert, sell or supply them as well as products containing them.