Cosmetics Store Set to Bat Eyes at Makeup Fascinates

Cosmetics Store Set to Bat Eyes at Makeup FascinatesIt's grand news for makeup lovers across the nation, ladies in particular! Get on your mark to dream, experience and realize a whole new cosmos of beauty and magnificence with the inauguration of four new-fangled Phoenix Cosmetics stores.

Last week, the boutique makeup world launched in Hamilton was just a trailer my dear.

The show is yet to begin.

The series for an implausible world of splendor will pull out to Christchurch this Thursday and Palmerston North before the end of this month.

To conclude the cosmetic extravaganza, the fourth stand-alone store will be visible enticing the onlookers in Wellington by the end of October.

The Phoenix Cosmetic stores will reportedly offer an all-embracing assortment of makeup facilities boosted along its own cosmetics line accessible exclusively over its counters.

Staffed by experienced, innovative and utterly talented makeup professionals, customers will be enchanted to get their makeup done for that ball, date, wedding or whatever.

To rule the boulevards, stores will offer a one-on-one training sessions and practice classes. So, customers can grasp the tricks to renovate themselves at home, while ladies nights consent to groups to try out and discover new makeup ploys together in an awesomely amusing and fashion trendy milieu.

As toppings, the Phoenix specials, brow shaping and eyelash extensions will make ladies go fanatical for sure.

With optimistic ideas, 27-year-old Ms. Renata is also opening services in Hamilton and Christchurch later this month, taking over space inside Annah Stretton stores.