Combination Treatment Works for Elderly Lung Cancer Patients

Combination Treatment Works for Elderly Lung Cancer PatientsAccording to a recent research, combination of chemotherapy drugs with monotherapy works better for the old age people. This is quite contrary to what doctors have been thinking since many years. It has been revealed in that there is often much precaution taken for the health of the old age people. This is the reason they are usually given single drugs rather than a combination of the two.

This time the research has shown that with the use of these double drugs, the patients would be better treated and they would be given a few more months to spend with their loved ones.

These reports have been revealed after there was attest on a few patients suffering from lung cancer and who are above the age of 70 years.

It was revealed in the reports that the patients who were given a combination of both the treatments would have an increased life span of about 4 months which is a lot, when taken in consideration with lung cancer patients.

It has already been suggested by NICE that non-small lung cancer can be treated with combination drugs.