Little Baby Millie on the Road to Recovery

Little Baby Millie on the Road to RecoveryGod has his own miraculous ways of saving lives and this has been proved by a startling incident in which a baby girl survived after two major life saving operations for her acute heart ailments. The name of the child is Millie and her parents’ are Graeme and Kerry Healy.

They were very disheartened and hurt when it had been revealed to them by the doctors that their little girl was too fragile and that she might not be able to survive undergoing the surgeon’s knife.

She weighed merely 4lbs 15oz and was born with congenital heart dysfunctions. She was only a few months old and the doctors had told the parents there were very feeble chances of her survival even after this operation.

However, the parents refused to give hope and rushed her to another hospital for another expert opinion. It seems like God has heard the plea of the parents and now the girl is on the road to recovery after having two operations for mending her feeble heart.

Graeme, from Coney Hill, Gloucester, said yesterday: “To go from being told your child has no chance at all of survival to being where we are now is nothing short of a miracle.“We are so grateful. If it was not for the hospital staff we wouldn’t have our little girl. We’d be getting over a funeral instead”.