The Ever-Increasing Waiting Lists

The Ever-Increasing Waiting Lists It has been revealed, according to a recent report, that due to the upcoming increase in the number of cases, patients are now going to have to wait for much longer for their appointments with the NHS surgeons.

The patients are now going to face a lot of delay and further adieu in their waiting times. According to the statistics released at the end of June, it has been released that the patients would have to wait for a span of six weeks merely for one of the very vital tests that are essential to continue their treatment. The waiting lists have further moved up a number of points and this is the reason for a lot of trouble being caused to the people of the vicinity.

There is little the hospital authorities can do about it. They are of the view that in the past few weeks, the times in the waiting lists have seemed to soar high. The data has revealed that about 595,500 people were merely waiting to get their vital tests done in the month of June.

Health Secretary John Healey said: “It is clear David Cameron’s reckless reorganization of the health service is starting to impact on patient care and that the NHS is again going backwards under the Tories”.