Family GP Held Guilty of Curbing Police Officer’s Arm

In a hilarious incident, a family GP Dr. Hornsey bit a police officer’s arm after getting tipsy by consuming vodka. During her trial, it came to light that for the last 20 years she has been jeopardizing lives of her patients and of herself by self-prescribing medication.

It has been revealed that Dr. Hornsey was not performing up to mark as she used to miss her visits to patients house. She was misusing her authority and was not performing her job effectively. Now, it is being thought what punishment should be given to her.

It has been reported that in a case of drink and drive, Dr. Hornsey was asked to surrender herself but instead of surrendering she bit the arm of the police officer so hard that he was taken to a hospital. The police officers had to use CS spray to handcuff her.

However, she was released with a fine of £500 and 12 months of sentence. The court has revealed that the doctor is suffering from depression. The court also alleged that doctor’s action was out of character.

The GMC panel’s determination against Dr Hornsey said, “The panel is of the view that these convictions bring the profession into disrepute and undermine the confidence that the public places in it. In all the circumstances, the panel has determined that your fitness to practice is impaired by reason of your convictions”.