Scientists Discover New Asthma Treatment Procedure

Scientists Discover New Asthma Treatment ProcedureAccording to reports, London’s Imperial College scientists were stumbled when they discovered a new potential treatment for the asthma patients, which would prove to be very useful in curing them.

In the meantime, the researchers explained that almost 300 million people experienced the deadly disease and the occurrences were on a rapid rise, as these people were recurrently exposed to the environment allergens, including pollen and dust mites.

However, praising the study findings, UK’s Asthma charity, accounted that the research findings have certainly opened many new doors for the better understanding of the disease.

Meanwhile, while sharing their study experiences in an article which got published in the Thorax journal, researchers asserted that the sensory nerves in the airways, which got triggered by the various allergens, resulted in late asthmatic responses.

On the other hand, while sharing his views about the study findings, Professor Maria Belvisi, lead researcher from the National Heart and Lung Institute at Imperial College London, said: "We wanted to do the research on anaesthetized rats, but we couldn't because the late response had been blocked by anaesthetizing them and we stumbled upon it. Now we want to work out how allergens trigger these nerves, because we don't know the exact connections".