St. Peter’s and Ashford Hospital Celebrates One Year MRSA Free

St. Peter’s and Ashford Hospital Celebrates One Year MRSA FreeSt Peter’s Hospital staff was more than happy on the completion of one full year without any reported case of MRSA.

According to the official sources, only two hospitals named as Ashford and St Peter’s Hospitals Trust out of 11 NHS trusts in the country have achieved this status of not getting any patient registered for hospital-acquired MRSA. It is a big win for them and they are determined to maintain their current status which is first-class infection control.

Chief nurse Suzanne Rankin “Some patients coming into hospital have a real fear of contracting a hospital acquired infection and over the last few years, quite rightly, great emphasis has been put on infection control and the need to keep these infections to an absolute minimum”. She further stated that they are extremely happy seeing the result of their hard work.

Rankin said it is their duty to make assure patients that they take hygiene and infection control very seriously and the result would surely help the patients to lessen their concerns.

It was also reported that Peter’s trust has pledged that by next fiscal not more than four cases of MRSA should be reported.