Medical Science Can Soon Limit Cancer Spread

Scientist will soon be able to lay basis for the research in medicine that could prevent malignant tumors.

Until now, cancer researchers were influenced by the ideology that single cells grow into a tumor by invading other cells. But now, a new discovery made by Cancer research UK has found that the cancerous cells derive their force to grow and penetrate by an active protein known as JAK.

The cancerous cells contract like muscles and move with a force, they grow in and around the body of a person. The new study has laid out new understandings for the researchers to stop the spread of cancer.

Cancer spreads are known as metastasis, when metastasis occurs, its treatment becomes difficult. The tumors grow power with time and usually secondary tumors are more problematic. 90 % of cancer deaths occur after metastasis.

According to Institute of Cancer Research, cancer cells force their growth in two ways. Either they elbow their way out of tumor or the tumor itself can open the door for the cells to escape. Both of the processes are controlled by the same chemical: JAK.

JAK is also linked with leukemia therefore the research in medication and treatment for JAK is already advanced. The researchers are expecting the clinical tests in next few years.

If the spread of cancer can be controlled, most of the problems will be resolved.