Britons More Threatened by Cancer Compared to Other Diseases

According to reports, one in three Britons feel threatened by cancer compared to other diseases, as a survey has disclosed that UK adults are more afraid of cancer than any other life-threatening condition.

Also, the cancer research done in the UK had 2,056 adults and was carried out by the research firm YouGov, it was discovered that 35% of the adults were scared of developing cancer, while 25% went for Alzheimer’s disease and
7% mentioned motor neuron disease.

However, 2% of the people revealed they were more afraid of getting HIV as only 3% chose heart disease and Dr Lesley Walker, Director of Cancer Information at Cancer Research UK, stated: "Cancer is a very emotive subject and it's understandable why so many people fear it among other diseases, yet people should be reassured that we are doing all we can to find new treatments for the disease".

Moreover, the research revealed that breast cancer is the second most feared type of cancer among women and 13% of female selected it as their top choice as figures reveal that women have a one in eight lifetime risk of have breast cancer, compared to one in three risk of getting other type of cancer.