NHS Quit Smoking: It’s No Good News from Britain

smokingLess than half of Britons coming to NHS to quit smoking succeed said the NHS Information Centre data.

Telling about the places in Britain which have been listed for smoke-related deaths, the Association of Public Health Observatories publicized that Manchester was at the top of the list of most smoke related death places with death rate of 361.

Halton was at number 10 with a death rate of 318 out of 100,000 people from 2007 to 2009.

Borough was at number 19.

Dympna Edwards, Interim Director of public health for NHS Halton and St Helens said quitting is a better option to avoid smoke- related deaths as almost 12000 smokers die every year in North West due to it.

She further affirmed, “Quitting not only protects a person from smoking related disease, it also helps prevent a younger generation taking up the habit by making it less visible in today’s society”.

A new way has been recommended by the Director of Smokefree North West, Andrea Crossfield who said plain packaging should be used on cigarette packing as it would help to increase the effectiveness of health warnings, and in addition, it would also reduce the attractiveness and appeal of tobacco products to young people.