New Facts about Briton’s Drinking Habits

New Facts about Briton’s Drinking HabitsA new survey has revealed some unknown facts about Britons and their drinking habits.

Conducted over 2,000 people, a new survey has concluded that Britons normally drink minimum three nights in a week and three drinks each night, which calculates the total number of drinks that a Briton drinks in a year to 468 glasses.

Out of the total participants, approximately 57% people said that they enjoy their beverages at home rather than going to the pubs regularly. Also, researchers noticed that the average Briton drink more than 5,800 pints during their adult life i. e. 8,700 glasses of wine and suffers approximately 726 hangovers.

Thus, if you also enjoyed some ill-advised drink last night after your work and suffered any hangover, then it is just one of those 726 hangovers. Are you really pleased to know that?

Moreover, through the survey it was also highlighted that the average bar bill of a Briton is approx £58,201 over lifetime.

Regarding the situation, Andrew Meredith, Medical Director at Benenden Hospital, said: “This survey highlights the dysfunctional relationship many of us have with alcohol. The results can be seen in our town centres every weekend, in A&E departments where alcohol related conditions and injuries are a large part of the workload and the increasing numbers of admissions with alcohol related liver disease”.