Heavy Penalty for Those Involved in Selling Bath Salts

Heavy Penalty for Those Involved in Selling Bath SaltsBerks County District Attorney, John T. Adams has claimed during a press conference on Thursday that according to the new state law, the use of synthetic marijuana and other mortal chemicals would be banned and this law will be effective from Monday.

According to this new law, it was also revealed that the merchants who are selling the designer drugs all over the country will be arrested from Monday. It was reported that heavy penalties would be charged on the merchants or the people who are involved in this scenario and they could even land up in jail.

"Bath salts have become one of the hottest drugs on the streets. These substances are advertised as bath salts and purchasers are warned they are not for human consumption", says Adams.

These bath salts are the street name for the substances, which look same as incense or marijuana. These products are injected, inhaled or smoked and they cause hallucinations, paranoia and suicidal thoughts and the price of such products range from $20 to $50.

The Head of the County Narcotics Unit, Lt. Leon Domsic reported that an investigation has disclosed that there are about a dozen of stores in Berks, which are selling these bath salts as Cloud 9, High Times, Spice, Ganga and Red X Dawn.

He added that some of these substances are used as fertilizers in China.