Work Culture Stimulates Unhealthy Eating Practice, Claims Study

Work Culture Stimulates Unhealthy Eating Practice, Claims Study Though skipping regular meals is being seen as a possible sign of heath concern, a recent study has revealed that as many as 30% employees don’t take lunch at work. The Aviva Health of the Workplace report has revealed that though 45% employers offer food in the workplace, the quality of the food in 38% is substandard.

Under workload, as many as 25% employees said that they avoid taking lunch at work, while 19% claimed eating excessively.

Reacting to the results, Dr. Doug Wright, Head of Clinical Development, Aviva UK Health, said: “It’s important for people to take a break from their desks where possible as this can help improve both morale and efficiency for employees”.

It has been claimed that an employer at the max can offer an employee an option to go for a lunch break, and then it’s up to an employee about how to manage a balance between the work and health.

It’s being believed that the current work culture stimulates unhealthy practices of skipping meals or gorging on junk, but it needs to be taken care that health needs to give its due importance, irrespective of the work pressures.