Good News for Ovarian Cancer Patients

Good News for Ovarian Cancer PatientsThere is good news for ovarian cancer patients! Recently, researchers have found a way of reducing the size of cancer without mutations. It has been informed that Canadian researchers, with pursuit of finding a treatment for cancer, tested Olaparib over ovarian cancer without gene mutation.

During the study, researchers found that the drug is effective in reducing the size of tumor. The findings of the study have been published in the Lancet Oncology. Lead author Karen Gelmon, from the BC Cancer Agency in Vancouver, Canada, said, “Olaparib represents a promising therapeutic option for patients with this aggressive malignant disease for whom treatment options are limited to toxic chemotherapies”.

For the study, researchers were provided with 400mg dosage of olaparib, twice on daily basis for a period of four weeks. Participants of the study included 92 patients, 65 with ovarian cancer and 26 breast cancers.

During study, the researchers found that 41% patients with hereditary tumors showed a substantial shrinkage in the size of their tumors compared with 24% patients with non-hereditary tumors.

However, patients with breast cancer didn’t show any improvements with the drug. The findings of the study sound effective of paving way for a new treatment for ovarian cancer.