Veteran Actress Spreading Cancer Awareness

Veteran Actress Spreading Cancer AwarenessAccording to reports, Dame Judi Dench, a veteran actress, along with U. K. charity officials, recently warned that smoking was the key element which rapidly increased the lung cancer chances.

However, the veteran actress further claimed that in order to spread awareness about the symptoms associated with the illness. She would be supporting the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation, one of the moist renowned charity organizations.

She added, "As a woman who has lost her husband to lung cancer, this is a campaign close to my heart”.

In the meantime, while sharing her concern about the issue, Dr. Marianne Nicolson, Medical Consultant for NHS Grampian, said that besides all these health figures, the real issue of concern lied behind the fact that majority of women failed to pay proper significance to the lung cancer diagnosis procedures, and as a result of which they were forced to loss their lives in such an early age.

She added, "Most women know about self-examination for signs of breast cancer, such as a lump, and to seek immediate medical advice if they have concerns and the results of this survey show that women are less likely to see their doctor urgently”.