Southend Hospital’s Insensitivity Exposed

Southend Hospital’s Insensitivity ExposedSouthend Hospital’s insensitivity has came forth in an incident, where Danielle Tivey, mother of a still born was handed over her dead child’s remaining parts in a brown envelope at reception.

The incident went like this: Tivey, 27, gave birth to twins and had one still born while other was a healthy twin. She asked hospital authorities to give her the dead body of her child so she could perform his last rites. But, hospital staff lost the papers of her case. She fought for eight months for her child’s body. And, when that sad moment finally came, hospital authorities made it worse than thoughts. A hospital receptionist simply handed Danielle a plain brown envelope which contained skin and tissue samples enclosed in six wax blocks.

This incident left Tivey in shock and she got mentally upset which hindered her relationship with her partner George. But, she has won the compensation for that and hospital staff has also apologized from her.

Medical negligence solicitor James Sherwin said, "Having realized what had happened, to present a grieving mother with some cross sections of her dead child in a buff envelope in the middle of the hospital reception was completely insensitive”.