Dentist’s whine to become painless

Dentist’s whine to become painlessWithin weeks decaying of teeth can be repaired and this will make filling a painless procedure, scientists have claimed as they have been able to identify a material which will do so.

The original growth of enamel will be followed the way it happens naturally by ‘filling without drilling’ method. A team at Leeds University's Dental Institute in the UK has devised this.

Tooth will now be painted with a natural protein in a liquid that will be reproduced by scientists as tooth enamel forms around protein molecules.

Researchers stated that only a week’s time is taken for the enamel layer to get restored.

Lead researcher Jennifer Kirkham said, “The results that have now been analyzed show there is a clear benefit, clear repair of those decayed lesions within a month of a single application of the material and the results are highly significant.”

For the procedure to get used throughout the world the technology has been licensed by a Swiss company and dental surgeries will be using it.

Professor Paul Brunton, from Leeds Dental Institute, said that there is a fear among people when it comes to visiting a dentist as dental treatments are associated with pain but now no more.