Liverpool, Blackpool under the clutches of alcohol

alcoholLatest findings have stated that in Merseyside and Lancashire, number of alcohol-related illness and injury rates is at their highest and this has become a cause of concern now.

In England Blackpool had the maximum number of liver diseases of chronic nature, according to the North West Public Health Observatory figures.

It added that when it came to alcohol-related conditions treated in hospital, Liverpool took the lead.

Since 2006, there has been an increase of 879 admissions across England per day.

In May, 2011 Local Alcohol Profiles for England (LAPE) was released and this attempt was made to update these findings.

In England, for every local authority, there were about 25 alcohol-related indicators and for primary care trusts there were 22.

About 3,114 per 100,000 is the rate of alcohol-based hospital admissions in Liverpool on annual basis.

Professor Mark Bellis, director of the observatory said, “The scale of damage revealed by these profiles shows alcohol is a problem for everyone in England.”

He further added that people who are not under the impact of alcohol-related problems are also suffering as they have to pay a lot as taxes.