Government Health Policy Imperative to Thwart Obesity

Extreme of everything is bad! If excessive diet control brings increased risk of coronary heart disease, then over-eating may bring several severe mental and physical problems like Type 2 diabetes.

The major suspects of being overweight are children, and if worldwide data is compared then there are 170 million kids classified under obesity. In addition, there are 1.5 billion overweight adults and expectancy of further 0.5 billion is already here. The findings have been put forward by the number of papers published in "The Lancet".

The scenario in UK is even more critical. Therefore, the government is asked to take the necessary steps to control the problem as it is the only authority which could bring the desired change.

There is demand of "more realistic and accurate weight loss predictive model" from the government. Health officials feel that imperative measures are needed like ban on junk, smoking, drinking and introduction of healthy food regime, especially for children.

There is a history of obese people in UK, and if that remain then there would be as many as 26 million people obese by 2030 and both male and female would be sharing the tag of obesity by 50% each.