NHS Warns 29 Foundation Trusts

NHS Warns 29 Foundation TrustsAs per the information provided by the recent NHS Information Centre`s health complaint data records, the NHS health authorities have warned all the renowned foundation trust officials to offer explanations regarding irresponsible behavior.

The claim was made after NHS Chief found that around 29 trust foundation in England failed to submit health complaint details to the center's record register.

However, the administrative department further asserted that even though these trust officials were not forced to submit their detail, but they could always do it with their own will as their act would only help in the expansion of health reforms across the country.

In the meantime, while sharing his views about the issue, Frances Blunden, Senior policy Manager at the NHS Confederation, said that the foundation trust officials should not take this criticism in a wrong way because they should understand the fact that in order to bring more flexibility in the health plans, their collaboration was badly needed.

On the other hand, while giving out her view points about the issue, Patients Association's Chief Executive Katherine Murphy remarked, "This issue strikes at the heart of this Government's agenda for reform. The current plan is for all trusts to become foundation trusts and gain 'independence and we need to make sure there are the right safeguards in place".