Half of Britain to be obese by 2030

Half of Britain to be obese by 2030Latest revealing state that by 2030 obese people in Britain could be about 26 million and this has put health experts in tizzy. This would mainly happen due to abundant rich food, too little exercise, and lack of will on the part of policymakers.

Experts have stated that in the next 20 years, there will be a rise of 11 million in the obese population in Britain if current trends continue.

The yearly expenditure of problems related to obesity will be £2 billion and this will be mainly due to heart diseases and more diseases that happen due to obesity. This represents an overall increase in health spending of 2 per cent.

By 2030 about 50 per cent adult men in the UK are expected to be obese. The present obesity percentage among UK men is 26 per cent and this is expected to become 41 to 48 per cent and among women the current rate of 26 per cent is expected to become about 35 to 43 per cent.

According to Prof McPherson various steps like labeling food products with calories consumed and levying a tax on sugary beverages would help in curbing obesity.

He said, "Yes, sure it's the Government's job, because the Government has a responsibility to look after its citizens, and as things are going, people are getting fatter and fatter and you'll become iller and iller."