Splash Park in Khalifa Park during Eid

Splash Park in Khalifa Park during EidThe Municipality of Abu Dhabi City has announced to open a new splash park at Khalifa Park in Abu Dhabi on the first day of Eid Al Fitr for the people. The splash park would provide a special space for kids and adults.

The park would have no lifeguards as there is no standing water in the park and thus no possibility of drowning. The parks are also known with some other names such as spray parks, spray grounds, splash pads, splash pools, and water playgrounds or water playgrounds.

Diversified entertainment facilities would be provided for kids in the splash park. The municipality said in a statement that the activities both educational and recreational would primarily focus children and families.

Engineer Abdullah Al Shamsi, Acting Executive Director of Infrastructure and Municipal Assets told that the pioneering project would provide recreational avenues to the residents of the metropolitan area.

He said, "The Splash Park comprises of an adventure land fitted with water fixtures, convenient areas for play and fun, and comfortable sitting areas as well as outlets for selling foods and other products. Exciting underwater events highlighted by jellyfish multi-colour umbrellas and aquatic creatures as well as staggering theatrical lighting and sound system create an interactive entertainment environment for all family members."