Chocolate is good for heart

Chocolate is good for heartIf you like chocolate then eat your fill because according to a recent study chocolate saves your heart.

The chances of getting a heart disease is cut down by a third among people who eat chocolate regularly, researchers at the University of Cambridge stated.

It was added that there have been previous studies that have stated about the positive effect chocolate has on your heart.

A review was carried out by Dr Oscar Franco and Cambridge colleagues to figure out the impact chocolate has on heart attacks and strokes.

There were about seven studies that were taken into consideration and its result was analyzed. About 100,000 people were a part of these seven studies and some of them had heart diseases also.

A comparison was made between lowest and highest chocolate consumption group and a beneficial link between chocolate and heart health was stated by about five studies.

It was found that there was a 37 per cent lower risk of getting a cardiovascular disease among people who ate chocolate and in strokes there was a 29 per cent reduction among chocolate eaters.

But remember that moderation is the key.