24-Hour Helipad Facility for Island Patients

24-Hour Helipad Facility for Island PatientsIt has been reported that the Island Health Services is supporting plans of providing landing space at night to the helicopters. Helicopters are used to transport Island patients to Queen Alexandra (QA) Hospital for emergency treatment.

It has been proposed that a helipad should be made available for use for twenty four hours. At present, the helipad is available for use in the time frame of 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. The Chief of Medicine of the QA Hospital has informed that twenty four helipad facilities is being introduced with the hope of saving lives from heart attacks and other life threatening diseases.

However, there are few residents how have been criticizing the plan saying that the landing of the helipad would create lots of noise because of which they will be disturbed at night. Neglecting woes of the residents, the NHS trusts of Isle of Wight have affirmed that the plan would be supported.

Meanwhile, it has come to light that Karen Baker of NHS Isle of Wight will be taking part in Wild West Solent Swim to support West Wight Sports Centre. Every year, the event is held to raise funds for the center.