Faster Growth Rate in Puberty Can Cause Anxiety

Faster Growth Rate in Puberty Can Cause AnxietyRecent study has concluded that faster maturity levels in children during puberty, increases the chances of kid to experience anxiety and blues. Thus, the researchers have suggested that parents and teachers, along with focusing on the timing of puberty also must notice its tempo i. e. how fast or slow their kids go through it.

The author of the study published in journal Developmental Psychology is Ms. Kristine Marceau, who said in her statement that through the study they have tried to present a clearer picture of what actually happens during the journey of a child to becoming adolescent, and what factors trigger behavior problems while going through these changes.

The study, which was led by Ms. Elizabeth Susman from Penn State University and her team, studied data of 364 boys and 373 girls that were gathered because of the efforts of National Institute of Child Health and Human Development.

The data studied also included information regarding the pubic hair growth in girls and boys, their breasts and other genitals growth as well along with their weight and height, enabling the researchers to know an answer to the question that: why faster rate puberty results in external behavior problems and internal anxiety and depression?

"The thought is that when the major changes of puberty are compressed into a shorter amount of time, adolescents don't have enough time to acclimate, so they're not emotionally or socially ready for all the changes that happen", said Marceau.