Who Will Win The Fight: Bugs or Us?

Who Will Win The Fight: Bugs or Us?Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report for this week is published. Though report highlighted CDC scientists being happy upon the reduction of inappropriate use of antibiotic drugs in children as compared to the figures of early 1990s, many children worldwide are also being prescribed with antibiotics to treat their colds and otitis.

CDC report concluded the above fact in a heading, which said that "Inappropriate antibiotic use anywhere leads to antibiotic resistance everywhere and reducing inappropriate antibiotic use is a global responsibility."

Moreover, one more truth came out today in morning newspaper New York Times, which said that researchers from Ontario have recently concluded that the 30,000-year-old bacteria, which had been perfectly preserved in permafrost in Canada's Yukon Territory by professionals, is genetically capable of defeating the antimicrobials, over which human territory would have relied to get survival clues against such bacterial infections.

Regarding the situation, Professor Gerard D. Wright of McMaster University told the Times that antibiotic resistance plays a very important role in natural environmental science of the entire planet and thus the above findings will act as cautionary notes suggesting us how and when we should make use of these things.

Wright also added in his statement to the Canadian Broadcasting Company that with the help of this ancient genetic preparation, professionals will also try to clear the fact as how pathogens became highly resistant and that too so quickly.