Dubai’s food product imports rises 4m tonnes

The Food Control Department of the Municipality claimed that Dubai imported 4m tonnes of food products during the first half of this year through 335 companies engaged in import business. The half-yearly report issued by the Food Trade Control Section says that companies were encouraged to use IT platform for doing import export business given to less complexities involved in electronic importing/ exporting system.

Khalid Mohammed Sherif Al Awadhi, Director of Food Control Department told that Dubai imported food items from over 160 countries, increasing the amount of food imported to six million tonnes in 2010. Food items also imported for re-exporting with the trade reached 121,576 kilograms. Dubai saw 17.1 per cent increase in number of business establishments during the period.

He went on to say, “This huge amount of food requires the application of electronic control systems to ensure smooth movement of food trade focusing on food safety and quality. The municipality has developed one of the best control programmes in the world where accurate statistics used in the development of strategies for food safety in Dubai can be obtained.”

Head of Food Trade Section, Iman Al Bastaki told that several shipments, especially from countries where there is an outbreak of any epidemics or diseases, were rejected by the department following objections by the Ministry of Environment and Water.