NHS might end with reform plans

NHS might end with reform plansAccording to a well-known businessman, if nobody takes charge of the NHS then health reforms could spell the end of it.

There will be shutting down of local hospitals if a saving of about £20 billion is needed and also if health service is to work properly, according to Sir Gerry Robinson.

For further debate, once again the Parliament will see the controversial Health and Social Care Bill returning to it.

There should be extra care taken while GP commissioning and other reforms because the NHS is not capable enough to take decisions when it comes to hospital closures because it lacks a proper central management structure, former Granada chairman and chief executive Sir Gerry said.

Plans of the government were not right until they realized they have to figure out who will run the NHS.

He said, "I think the stakes here are huge, the very existence of the NHS could depend on getting this right. Who's going to be managing that big picture?"

Sir Gerry was however informed by Health Secretary Andrew Lansley that there have to be people with you when one is handling National Health Service of this dimension.