NHS reforms should be rejected: MPs

NHS reforms should be rejected: MPsA call has been made by Union leaders for voting against the health reforms of the government and added that huge public opposition has been seen in a new poll.

NHS will be privatized by the reforms and this was believed by about 70 per cent of people in a survey of about 1,000 of its members.

In the Parliament, the third reading of the Health and Social Care Bill will be held this week.

Unite national officer Rachael Maskell said, "David Cameron has tried to reinvent the Tory Party as a caring, pro-NHS party. This poll proves that people have not been fooled by David Cameron's PR blitz on his NHS reforms."

It was further added that no privatization was promised by David Cameron but because the NHS will be subjected to European competition law will make powerful private healthcare companies take the charge by running legal rings around these new smaller commissioning bodies.

Excessive bureaucracy was what David Cameron promised to remove but about 500 new commissioning bodies will replace 162 NHS organizations and that too with accounting of their own and HR and this will mean more bureaucracy and money going in for these people.

Health minister Earl Howe said, "The NHS will always be available to all, free at the point of use and based on need and not the ability to pay."