Underage drink hospital cases linked to ff-license

hospitalAccording to a new study, a link has been established between admission of underage drinkers in hospitals and the number of off-licenses in an area.

A link between these were found out after a research commissioned by Campaign group Alcohol Concern.

There was a 2:1 relationship found between the number of hospital admissions of underage drinkers and off-licenses per 100,000 people in England in which London was not included.

Underage drinkers get admitted for problems like intoxication and alcohol poisoning.

Due to a bigger demographic mix in London, alcohol consumption here was lower, according to Alcohol Concern.

Nikki Coghill from the University of the West of England carried out the research and it stated that for under-18s in England, excluding London, about 10 per cent of all alcohol-specific hospital admissions had a link with the concentration of off-licenses in that area.

Alcohol Concern chief executive Don Shenker said, “It is a sobering thought that the number of off-licenses in any one area has an impact on under-18s drinking and ending up in hospital.”

Without considering the health of youngsters, so many licenses are being given and seeing this, the current system has actually failed in this.