Insects Could Soon Be Introduced in Food Menus

Insects Could Soon Be Introduced in Food MenusWant to eat rich nutrition diet? Then have insects which are rich in protein and calcium, and contain negligible amount of fat.

Recognizing the worth of diet, the European Union has asked the UK Food Standards Agency to look out the ways in which Entomophagy, a process of eating insects could be encouraged. With this it is considered that soon insects would be start appearing on the British food menu.

UK’s FSA has also been asked to investigate the nutrient compound in different insects so according to that insects would be introduced in the menu list. So, if you come across a soup with scorpion in accompaniment with grass hopper sandwich, then do not get surprised and just have it considering its nutrient value.

To support this statement, a study has been conducted in which it was declared that a single grasshopper has 20% protein and 6% as is quite healthy when compared to beef which contains 18% of fat and 24% of beef.

European Union has announced that they would give grants to the University whose proposal they would find the best in this regard. And, Wageningen University of Holland has already applied for the grants.