Birth Month Determines Career Path, Says ONS

Birth Month Determines Career Path, Says ONSUK Office for National Statistics (ONS) has recently conducted a study, which showed that the birth months of baby clearly determine the career path that he/she will follow in his/her future.

Released recently, the findings of the study showcased that month in which a baby is born indicates certain statistical likelihood of which path he will follow in his career and which job he will end up with.

Along with above results, researchers also said that the birth month not only indicates certain truths about the career path, but they also affect many other things in a person's life starting from his intelligence to how long and healthy they live.

Prior concluding above results, ONS analyzed the birth months of 19 people all with different careers. In their study they noticed that January born people had potentials of becoming general practitioners and debt collectors, February newcomers are likely to become artists whereas March born people have a good chance to become pilots, said the ONS study.

The researcher's team also said that April and May born people could choose among a fairly even spread of career paths. Then they talked about babies born during the summer months i. e. June, July and August, who according to them, have very less chances of choosing top-paying careers like doctor, dentist, or professional athlete.

Next they discussed about September babies, who had the maximum chances of becoming sports players and physicists. Finally, they said that December born babies could become a dentist.