Child’s Death May Increase Parents’ Death Risk: Study

Child’s Death May Increase Parents’ Death Risk: StudyA study, published in the journal BMJ Supportive and Palliative Care, reveals that the parents who witness the death of their child within a year of the birth are likely to die at an early age.

The study has exposed that such divest parents are at two to four times higher risk of dying early and one of the parents may die within the first 10 years of their child’s death, compared to the ones who were lucky and did not witness such a gloomy situation.

According to the study, a still birth or a very early death of the child may depress mother to such an extent that she is 1.5 times at a higher risk of dying within 25 years of the incident, than the ones who have not had such an dismal experience.

The researchers have stated that more research will be done to expose the major reason behind such risk and they will work on the efforts to prevent such deaths. As, they are afraid that the parents whose children die just after taking birth or even in the womb may commit suicide due to the depressing situation of losing a child.

Also, such parents may be experiencing problems like weak immune system and an increased risk for other diseases due to depression.