Responsibility Deal Criticized by Children’s Food Campaign

Responsibility Deal Criticized by Children’s Food CampaignThe Children’s Food Campaign of UK has criticized the ‘responsibility deal’ which targets the deal with various food products manufacturing companies.

The association fingers at the incapability of the Government to manage the health plans, since the food industry is not willing to fully comply with the agreement. A document prepared by the campaign reveals that 33 companies denied complying with the guidelines like calorie labeling, reducing the amount of salt in their food items and no usage of trans-fat, at all.

Among the 33 companies, 13 are very popular food selling companies like Birds Eye, Budgens, Domino's Pizza and Nandos. As per Kawther Hashem, the report preparer from the Children's Food Campaign, "Our analysis shows that, unlike its name suggests, the 'Responsibility Deal' is an irresponsible and utterly inadequate response to the public health problems we face”.

Certain edible good companies have signed the deal, but have assured to fulfill only some guidelines. Tea manufacturing company Typhoo has assured to stop using trans-fat in the tea being produced by the company. Similarly, McDonald’s and Tesco have agreed to apply calorie labeling on the food products sold at their outlets. Tesco are the café owners and owns the outlets of Costa Coffee.