Converting Trusts into Foundation

Converting Trusts into FoundationThe Government aims to convert all NHS trusts into foundations by 2014, to which North Bristol Trust is really enthusiastic.

With changing trusts into foundation will result in a direct access of the people to the NHS Trusts. The decision will be taken after the response of the people living in Bristol. Chief Executive Ruth Brunt said, "People are very enthusiastic about the opportunities that this will present. We're already recruiting people who are keen to become members of the Trust. By 2013 we're hoping to have 15,000 public members”.

Also, the North West Ambulance Service’ was looking forward to developing into a foundation trust by sometime next year. The proposal was presented to 2,000 people at public meetings, societal events that use to be organised previous year.

The North West Ambulance Service asked people to give their feedback on the aim charted by the association. Around 330 people responded on the website of the Trust on the appeal and from the feedback the association realized that people supported their views of developing the service into a foundation trust.

With converting the Trust into a Foundation Trust, the association will have an involvement of local people in the working of the service.