Ruminant trans fats are beneficial

Ruminant trans fats are beneficial Spencer Proctor from University of Alberta conducted a review which has stated that dairy and beef produce natural trans fats and these are not harmful for health.

Canadian and international colleagues carried out the review along with Spencer.

When compared to industrial trans fat, a different physiological effects can be seen in naturally occurring trans fat as it has a different fatty acid profile.

There are positive health effects shown by ruminant trans fats and there are also lesser chances of getting cardiovascular diseases and cancer if this trans fat is consumed.

In hydrogenated vegetable oil natural trans fats gets combined with Industrial trans fats and this combination is suppose to have a link with cholesterol and coronary heart problems.

Proctor, a researcher in the Department of Agricultural, Food and Nutritional Science who is director of the Metabolic and Cardiovascular Diseases Laboratory at the U of A stated, “A change in how trans fat information is presented on nutrition labels would be a huge step forward.”

In countries like the US and Canada, consumers are misled by inclusion of a substantial portion of natural trans fats content in the nutrition label trans fats calculation.