£4m Aid to Support Campylobacter Research

£4m Aid to Support Campylobacter ResearchWhile commenting on recently launched 12 projects, the Science Minister, David Willetts, has hailed the authorities for efficiently dealing with the causes of food poisoning. Further, the minister has claimed that its reasons are vital for health and will also strengthen the image of the British poultry industry, at national as well as international stage.

Besides good reputation, proficient dealing will also play a great role to secure the future of food security.

A majority of people suffer from Campylobacter infection because of unhygienic poultry products, including eating semi-cocked poultry food or in some situations through contamination at cooking cite. The only measure to avoid these infections lies in proper cooking of food.

The UK has witnessed a number of infection cases and continues to grow. These increased cases accounts for more than £600 million, every year, and burdens the economy significantly.

The Chief Executive of BBSRC, Professor Douglas Kell, said: "Campylobacter raises some unique questions about food security, human health, and animal welfare”. Simultaneously, a Chief Scientist at the Food Standards Agency, Andrew Wadge, considering Campylobacter critically, has also stressed on the need of improved health standards.

In addition, Andrew Wadge has also notified that regulatory bodies are working with industry experts to curb its chances.