New Treatment Can Save Pregnant Women against Asthma Attacks

New Treatment Can Save Pregnant Women against Asthma AttacksThe researchers of University of Newcastle and John Hunter Hospital have come up with a breakthrough treatment to facilitate the pregnant women against the asthma attacks.

In the new method, a breathalyzer is utilized to record the level of nitric oxide in the breath to check the inflammation in the airways. If the reading turns out to be high, then the treatment is required and if it is low, then it can be notified that inflammation in the airways has been controlled.

Asthma has been a very common disease and a large number of people become the victim of this chronic condition including the pregnant women.

If the pregnant women are victimized by the condition, then they have to take special care as asthma attack can be dangerous for the mother as well as the baby. The symptoms of the condition includes problem in breathing, weakening of functions of lungs and wheezing.

According to Professor Peter Gibson of the University of Newcastle, the nitric oxide gas is checked regularly during pregnancy and if with the adjustments in the treatment accordingly, the problem can be conquered.

Professor Peter notified that his team had examined the condition in many pregnant women and was happy to find 50% reduction in the attacks during pregnancy due to the method.