Philippine City to Implement Computerized Health Information System

Philippine City to Implement Computerized Health Information SystemAccording to latest reports, the Quezon City Health Department has instigated a novel Community Health Information Tracking worth Php 8.5 million (about US$200,000).

The system has been fabricated by the University of the Philippines, with a memorandum of conformity inked today.

City Health Officer Dr. Antonieta revealed that the problem can be fixed with ease and grace, and that too, with a single press of a button.

This is so very unlikely and divergent from the earlier scenario. Earlier, district supervisors needed to submit plenty of detailed reports regarding the same. With the launch of the Community Health Information Tracking System, they can now point there focus on governing the system, and can easily work over strengthening various preventive measures, and policies.

CHITS is to accumulate pertinent health data from 3 social hygiene clinics, 7 lying-in clinics, 5 health districts, and as many as 63 health centres.

The best part of the tracking system is that it will use no papers, envelopes or folders. This will enable in excess of 3 million inhabitants to consult health officials.

In addition, it will allow residents to avail, monitor, track, record and retrieve health care services electronically.

CHITS have revealed its roadmap and have mentioned numerous objectives and plans. It will help store data on emblematic health centre and various services being offered there. These services will mainly include consultation, immunization, dental, leprosy, anti-tuberculosis, and more.