Bereaved father’s want of truth can land hospital in trouble

Bereaved father’s want of truth can land hospital in troubleA father's want of truth for the past three years might land a hospital in trouble as it might face a partial closure.

His son died on a maternity unit and he is now pressing to improve maternity care at the Furness General Hospital in Barrow in Cumbria.

He has alleged that the truth about his son's death is being hidden from him.

About four deaths of babies and two mothers have already happened and the cases are under investigation by the police.

To make the maternity care better, 70 days have been given to the hospital and if this is not followed then there can be a partial closure or prosecution will be faced by the hospital.

Joshua Titcombe who was nine-days-old died and his death has sparked off an investigation into the matter.

According to his father James Titcombe, the hosp ital staff could not give medical records of his son because they said some were missing.

Ruth Keenleyside, a solicitor representing bereaved families, welcomed the Care Quality Commission's warning notice.

She said, "I hope the families concerned finally get the answers they have been waiting for."