Hospital staff can assist alcohol users now

Hospital staff can assist alcohol users nowFor making people choose a healthy drinking behavior, an alcohol awareness course has been developed for medical staff to help out patients.

On the Alcohol Learning Centre Website, the course that was made for hospital staff in Portsmouth is available across the country.

Every year, due to drinking, about 4,000 people get admitted in hospitals in Portsmouth.

According to the Portsmouth City Council, the yearly cost is estimated at £10m.

Those who are not alcohol dependent will not be able to derive anything out of this course as this is for those who are drinking above lower-risk levels.

Health professionals will be able to figure out people who might be spoiling their health due to their drinking habit by the course, which has been developed in partnership with the Department of Health's alcohol policy team and e-Learning for Healthcare. Through this course health professionals will also be able to give advice to patients.

Dr. Paul Edmondson-Jones, director of public health and primary care for Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust, said, "We recognise the impact alcohol misuse has on patients in Portsmouth and are keen to do all we can to reduce alcohol problems in the future."